An original SwagTagz DANCE HEART on one side and "SHINE LIKE A STAR" on the other.

Our tags give athletes that extra confidence to maximize their potential in sports and life. SwagTagz also give kids the ability to express themselves in a playful manner so they can enjoy the fun side of sports with their teammates, friends and family.

Product features include:

              - Designed to acknowledge, inspire and motivate.

              - High quality 30 mil PVC card, about 2.25" x 3.5" in size (think credit card).

              - Soft plastic WHITE loop for attaching to your sports bag or backpack. 

              - Tag molded in RED

              - Printed in crisp WHITE writing.

              - Each SWAG Individually Packaged

              - Suitable for outdoor use.

Our fun, motivational and inspirational SWAGs also make great end of season or tournament gifts.